2010. 5. 9.

Rooney: Plenty of improvement left in me

Manchester United ace Wayne Rooney is confident he is far from his peak.

The 24 year-old said he still has a long way to go before he produces his very best form.

"I'd like to think I still have my best years ahead of me," Rooney told Inside United. "I want to improve on all aspects of my game - scoring goals, creating goals, my overall play."

"I think there's room for improvement. That's why I stay behind every day to practice and become a better player. This season has been the best goal scoring period of my career. It's pleasing because it's the result of a lot of hard work."

"You feel like every time you run out on the pitch, or every time you've got the ball near the goal, you're going to score. It's a feeling every striker strives for. Every forward wants that sort of confidence. With the service and support I've had from my team-mates this year, I've felt like that quite a lot."

"It's been my best season so far. I've scored a lot of goals and I think my overall play has been good. I just want that to continue now. Hopefully I can get the goals to win the Premier League, and then take that into the World Cup."

"It's definitely been my most prolific season and I'm pleased with the way things have gone. It would complete it all if we could win the title."

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