2010. 10. 31.

Mourinho Exclusive: Only a special one can manage United

Jose Mourinho claims there will be a stampede for the Manchester United job when Sir Alex Ferguson finally decides to call it a day at Old Trafford. Yet while the Special One has been strongly tipped to fill the enormous void left by Ferguson’s departure he still doesn’t envisage it coming any day soon – and is only driven by more success at Real Madrid.

Mourinho said: "Football without Alex Ferguson? I’m not sure that will happen any day soon. The man lives and breathes football and Manchester United is his club. His hunger and desire to win the biggest trophies remains so I cannot see the day he considers walking away from football approaching. Like Real Madrid, the Manchester United job is special and only a ­special manager is good enough to take the job on if and when it does become available. Of course, jobs like that don’t ­become available every day so the interest will be vast. Like Madrid, it’s a job everyone will want."

Mourinho was ­heavily linked recently with a move for Wayne Rooney who appeared to be on the verge of leaving United before performing a U-turn.

But Mourinho was never in any doubt that Rooney would remain at ­United.

"Could I ever see him leaving? Never. He is Manchester United through and through and he is working with one of the best coaches in football. He’s a great player but he belongs to United. I wasn’t surprised to see him stay I expected it. There was no way Alex Ferguson would have considered selling him, not to anyone. If you take the decision to leave a club like United there are not many options open to you. Few clubs come any bigger."

For the moment though you can ­forget United because Mourinho is only interested in success at Real Madrid.

"Madrid is a special club and came to me at special time in my ­career. It was a ­challenge I would have found hard to turn down. After winning my second Champions League and after my ­success at Chelsea and Inter, the Real job and the challenge to be successful was very ­appealing. I came to a team that had had no success for two years and faced the challenge of a very special Barcelona team and some of the great clubs in Europe in the Champions League. Despite everything and all the success I have enjoyed my desire to continue winning remains. I love a challenge and this is a huge challenge for me. Madrid didn’t win the Champions league for 10 years, the Spanish Cup for 19 years and haven’t won the Championship for three. So there is a great deal of work to be done. I love the pressure and that is immediate at a club like this because failure doesn’t sit comfortably with anyone."

Mourinho has no plans on calling it a day in football any day soon.

"I still have at least 10 or 15 years left in football management. Naturally a day will come when my circumstances change and I will want to lead a quieter life. But it is not something I will be giving any consideration too for a long time to come."

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